The Game of Lacrosse and Its Uniforms

Lacrosse is a popular team game that was originally played by the North American Indians hundreds of years ago. It’s quite an active sport as the players catch, carry and throw the ball with a long stick, trying all the time to score goals and defend their own goal post.


The popularity of lacrosse has multiplied in the recent years. There are many lacrosse teams across the US today and just like any other sport, these players also need customized lacrosse uniforms.

The uniform typically comprises of jerseys and shorts (or kilts option for women) along with socks, shoes, cleats, helmet, gloves, shoulder pads, arm pads, mouth guard or even a face mask. The goalkeeper’s uniform and safety gear is markedly different.

For professional games, there are strict rules for the colors, numbers, logos, trademarks, patches, shoes and even the undergarments and sweatpants. For instance, the shorts or kilts need to be of a solid color. Moreover, the uniforms should be tough and durable so that it can withstand the dodges, checks, breaks and drags without tearing or severing.

This is why lacrosse teams that are looking for the right source of custom lacrosse uniforms are bound to find everything they need at Sports Team US specializes in custom printed team uniforms and accessories for various sports and games. They offer lacrosse uniform sets in a range of colors and styles. The jerseys, shorts and kilts can even be ordered separately. There is also the option of purchasing the uniforms blank or specifying customization like individual numbers and names for the players along with the team logo or mascot.

Apart from this, there are also warm up sets, pants, jackets, hoodies, fleece and other casual wear that the team members can proudly sport even when they are off the field! You can rest assured about getting the best quality, pricing and turnaround time.


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