The Need For Change in Uniforms

The uniform is sacrosanct to the team! A lot of time, thought and effort goes into designing even the simple-looking youth football jerseys. The style, the look, the color, the pattern – everything is carefully planned and decided to suit the team.

the need for change in uniforms_sports teams us

It goes without saying that once you get the uniform right; you will not want to change it anymore. In fact, the uniform becomes a part of the team’s identity and every player dons it with great pride.

However, sooner or later, there comes a time when everything needs an update – and uniforms are no exception! Here’s why a change is on the cards.

Antiquated – Everyone from the match officials and competing teams to the fans and audience may identify your team with a particular uniform. But does this mean that you should continue to hang on to the same look forever?

Using the same old design can look dated and even unflattering after some time. Updating the uniform to suit the times will bring a breath of fresh air to the team. Minor enhancements in the pattern – like size or position of the logo, dimensions or placement of the stripes, fonts used for the team name or player numbers – can spell a modern and attractive look for the uniform that is in tune with the times. This will ensure that the uniform stays familiar and yet cannot be classified as old school anymore! Some teams simply update the material, texture or just the finish of the uniform to make it look contemporary or feel more comfortable.

Rebranding – A major overhaul for the team uniform is a good bet when you want to completely transform the image or feel of the team. The change has to be dramatic to create a fresh persona as well as wipe away the old impressions. The common method is to opt for new colors that are a complete contrast from the previous uniform. This is likely to kickstart a new era for the team as it goes a long way in rebranding the franchise. What’s more, it can even enthuse the team to display superior performance on the field!

Worst uniform – Despite the best efforts, some uniforms end up in the Hall of Shame! A new look and design for the uniform is the only way to get rid of the scornful tag. But first figure out what went wrong – color combination, pattern or fonts – and steer the change in a new direction accordingly.

In sum, you don’t need new youth football jerseys every season. However, read the signs and ditch the old before it becomes an embarrassment for the team. Indulging in a planned update is what will lift the team from the ethos of obsolescence or negative image, as the case may be!

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