Getting The Customized Uniforms Right!

The name of the game in sports uniforms is customization. Be it a school or national level team; be it team basketball jerseys or track and field sets, every team strives to stand out on the field with its customized gear.

All-Colorado high school basketball players

Customization is mostly about choosing a striking color combination and pattern for the uniform that soon becomes an integral part of the team’s identity. Apart from this, the team management will also design a distinctive logo for the team. This will feature prominently on the uniform. Customization scales its peak with each player’s name and number being emblazoned on the front or back of the team jerseys. The rest of the space is usually taken over by a bunch of sponsor logos, especially for the popular teams.

Well, all this customization can end up creating a horrible clutter on the uniform. The uniform can easily become an appalling eyesore on the ground as well.

This is why the team should carefully plan out the style and design of the team uniforms. Choose the contrasting colors with care so that they look sharp, but not to the extent of hurting the eyes of the onlookers.

The graphics and lettering are essential customization, but the font style and size should also be chosen with care. For instance, the font should look stylish without seeming overdramatic. Simply decreasing the font size a bit can clear up space on the uniform and reduce the clutter. Moreover, the printing or embroidery should always be top quality and professional; else the uniform will only end up looking tacky. This will ensure that the lettering does not fade or tatter soon either.

This is why team coaches prefer reputed and established sports uniform vendors like Sports Teams US ( They not only offer a mind-blowing range of team basketball jerseys, baseball sets and other apparel with customization options, but also have a set of designers on tap to guide and assist you with the customization process. Together you will get it right for sure!

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