Rules and Tips to buy Lacrosse uniforms

The Lacrosse uniforms speak a lot about your team – how they perform and where they stand at. Before you design your jerseys for the Lacrosse uniforms, it is crucial to learn about the official rules. Of course, the rules do vary from one team to another, and hence it is advisable to check with your local organization. But the overall and general information remain the same for all.

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High School Lacrosse Uniform Rules – for men

  • Uniforms

Men’s high school lacrosse set of jerseys and equipment with the exception of the goalie basically consists of shorts, shirt, shoes and cleats, socks, mouth guard, helmet, eye shield, gloves and shoulder pads.

  • Colors and Numbers

The high school lacrosse jersey must be a solid color. Home and visiting team colors might be in contrast. Jerseys must be numbered, numbers being 8 inches high in front, 12 inches on back. Undergarments and sweat pants must be a solid color, identical to all team members.

  • Trademarks and Logos

Jersey trademark can be no larger than 2-1/4 square inches. Commemorative patches and US flags are allowed.

High School Lacrosse Uniform Rules – for women

  • Uniforms

A basic woman’s uniform and equipment consists of shirt, shorts/kilt, shoes with cleats, socks, mouth guard, soft headgear, gloves and shoulder pads. This is for all with the exception of the goalie.

  • Colors and Numbers

The color of the high school home as compared to the visitor jersey will be agreed upon by the coaches. The jersey must display a number 6 inches tall in the center of the front, and 8 inches centered on the back. Numbers on shorts or kilt are optional, but must match the shirt number. Undergarments must be either in black, or white, or same as uniform, and all team members must be the same.

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  • Trademarks

Trademarks may not exceed 2-1/4 square inches. US flags and commemorative patches are allowed.

  • Jewelry and accessories

 No jewelry or accessory is allowed, except for medical or religious medals which must be taped to the body.

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