It’s not just a number in Basketball

One of the most popular sports played in school and college campuses is Basketball. Most students, in fact adults too enjoy the adrenaline rush felt while passing the ball and throwing it high up in the air. Even more is the excitement of watching the ball either touch the ring and bounce back or go through the basket. This exciting game is a competition between two teams. Representation of the teams is essential for identification. Team basketball jerseys with team logos, name and number of the player are designed for the team members.

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Player Numbers

The number that can be given to a player has certain restrictions. It is surprising, but true that numbers above 55 cannot be given to any player. A player’s lucky number cannot always be given to him or her. Well, there’s a reason for the same. Here’s the story behind the tricky numbers of a basketball game.

In a game of basketball, the referee signals foul play using fingers. Both hands are used to represent the number of the player playing foul. As the fingers on the hand cannot symbolize more than 5, the numbers to be chosen by players are restricted. More so, single digit numbers; 6,7,8 and 9 cannot be used. For; the signal for number 51 (one hand showing 5 and the other showing 1) can be misunderstood for single digit 6. Single digit numbers are therefore, eliminated. Numbers 1 and 2 are not chosen as they may be misunderstood with the free calls signaled by the referee after foul calls. Certain numbers will never be seen on basketball jerseys.

For all other numbers, Sports Team US can design and print custom jerseys for all sports, including basketball. Team members can choose their color, design and numbers and the rest is done by the efficient team at Sports Team US.

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