Wearing it Right for Comfort and Flexibility

Wearing it Right for Comfort and Flexibility

Physical activity has gained popularity like never before. Awareness about basic fitness, sports etc has grown exponentially. The recent past has witnessed a drastic rise in the number of marathons, sports camps etc. In fact, competitive sports have also seen a significant rise in schools and colleges, besides the national and international ones. What comes along with any physical activity is the right apparel that promises comfort and flexibility in movement. A runner can’t run in a pair of jeans and sweatshirt. Similarly, movement in football and basketball is restricted in a pair of trousers and shirt.

The Right Active Wear

Sports apparel are therefore, made from a variety of fabric, each offering different benefits. However, the type of fabric used depends upon the intensity of activity and exercise. The clothing worn while indulging in any physical activity must be capable of controlling perspiration and aiding swift movements.

Therefore, the basic properties active wear apparel must have are:

  • The ability to stretch; while kicking the ball into the goal post etc.
  • Moisture wicking properties to enable sweat to transfer from the inside to the outside of the fabric, so as to provide comfort. A runner cannot perform to the optimum in a marathon if he or she is sweating uncomfortably while running for long hours.
  • Clothing for outdoor sports in the winter must essentially have breathable and insulating properties.
  • Cyclists require anti abrasive fabric, while swimmers would require fabric that offers flexibility and is waterproof.

A variety of fabric possessing the aforementioned qualities is available in the market. One reputed supplier of ready and customized uniforms including lacrosse uniforms is Sports Team US. Thanks to their expertise and unparalleled services, they are one of the leading suppliers in USA.

For further details, contact them at www.sportsteam.com

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