Guidelines for Designing Cheerleading Uniforms

Sports are an integral part of high school and college campuses, and so are the cheerleading squads that cheer their respective teams to success. In fact, the campus seems incomplete without the props, color and attraction. However, to ensure that the squad represents the right student image, the National Federation or ICCA has laid down certain guidelines for customizing cheerleading uniforms.

Guidelines for Designing Cheerleading Uniforms

Well, these often vary from state to state or school to school and college to college. So, before the coaches set out to design customized cheerleading uniforms for their teams, it is advisable to run through some of the important guidelines.

  • The midriff must not be seen when in attention position. However, minimum amount of the midriff being shown amidst movements does not correspond to violation of rules.
  • Tops must be long enough to cover the entire frontal area. It is important for cheerleading uniforms to portray a modest, tasteful and wholesome image.
  • Coaches must ensure that the cheerleading uniforms are designed in accordance with the rules set by the specific school or college. Points regarding logos, acceptable colors and prints must not be neglected.
  • Excessively backless and deep backs are inappropriate.
  • Excessively short skirts are inappropriate for the cheerleading squad. Conversely, too much fabric often restricts them from performing certain movements comfortably. The length must be appropriate.
  • As cheerleading involves athletic movements, uniforms made from athletic fabric are preferable.
  • Athletic shoes, as against slippers must be worn.

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